5 reasons you need a GPS tracker for your cat

Do you wonder where your cat goes when they’re out of the house, or worry that they might not come home one night?

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a GPS tracker for your cat…

A black and white cat lying in the sun outdoors and wearing a GPS tracker on it's red collar

1 No more worrying about losing them with real time location tracking.

There’s always a worry as cat parents that one day your cat won’t come home as they usually do and sadly 15% of cat parents will lose their cat in a 5-year period and some are never found again. But with a GPS tracker on their collar, you’ll always be able to see your cat’s live location no matter where they are, so if they don’t come back one day, you can find them fast and bring them home safely.

2. Discover where they’ve been when they’re out the house with location history tracking

With a GPS tracker like Pawfit, as well as seeing your cat’s live location, you’ll be able to see everywhere they’ve been whilst they’ve been out the house. On average, cats wander between 40 – 200m a day exploring their territory. With a tracker, you’ll be able to see exactly how far from home they go and their favourite places to hang out.

3. Easily make sure they’re getting enough exercise to earn their dreamies

Noticed your cat looking a bit bigger than usual? You’re not the only one. In fact, 5% of owners said they thought their cat had gained weight during lockdown. But as all cat owners know, it’s not easy trying to get them to exercise when they’d rather be snoozing. Thankfully, Pawfit has a built-in activity monitor so you can see how active/inactive your cat is during the day, how many calories they’re burning and more!

“I love the Pawfit 2 GPS tracker, it’s awesome! It not only tells me where my cat Merryl is but it keeps track of her steps, notifies me if she goes too far, has an alarm and a flashlight and it holds up to 5 custom voice recordings I can play to her if she’s out of sight”

Tess Oakley, Spain
A long haired cat lying on it's back asleep outdoors in the shade and wearing a Pawfit 2 GPS tracker

4. A GPS could save your cat’s life

GPS trackers have more to offer than insights into what your cat gets up to every day. In fact it could end up saving your cat’s life…

“One evening, Whisker hadn’t returned home before we went to bed. This wasn’t unusual for her and a quick check of the Pawfit app showed she was close to home, so we weren’t worried at all. But the next morning she’d still not returned and the app showed that she’d been in the same spot all night. We rushed over to where she was but couldn’t see her, so we turned on the tracker’s alarm. Immediately we could hear it coming from a nearby bush and after coaxing Whisker out, we could see she was limping and clearly in a lot of pain. We rushed her to the vets who reassured us she wasn’t too badly injured and she has since made a full recovery.

We’re just so relieved she was wearing her Pawfit tracker and that we were able to find her so quickly!”

Paul, Whisker’s human.

5. Plenty of security features for peace of mind

Our Pawfit 2 GPS tracker is packed with added security features to help you better look after your cat, including:

  • Virtual fences so you’ll be notified when they leave and come back home.
  • A built in LED light to make it easier to spot them in the dark
  • Personal voice commands, so you can call their name and be heard when they’re out of ear shot.
  • An alarm so you can easily hear where they are when they’re hiding under the bed or in a bush in the garden.
  • Family sharing so everyone can see your cat’s location and help find them when they’re missing.

What’s your reason for getting a GPS tracker for your cat? Let us know on by emailing support@pawfit.com or sending us a DM on social media.

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