5 things you can do to prevent your dog getting lost

July is Lost Pet Awareness Month. Sadly an estimated 10 million pets go missing every year and only a small number will get reunited with their families again

No matter how well behaved your dog is, there is always a possibility that they could one day go missing. And when that happens, it can be heart breaking as after all, our dogs are a part of our families.

So why do our dogs wander off and get lost and what can owners do to prevent it happening?

Dogs wander off from their owners for many reasons. They might be frightened and want to escape to safety. They smell something amazing that they just have to check out (this is especially true for male dogs who might be able to smell a female dog in heat) or they’re just bored and want to explore and have fun

Thankfully, there’s plenty dog owners can do to keep their dogs safe…

Work on your dog’s recall

Being able to have your dog return to your side whenever they are called is very important. Not only will it prevent them wandering too far and getting lost, but it can also keep them safe if there’s an unexpected danger on your walk.

You’ll know your recall is 100% when you are able to call your dog back to you every single time, no mater how far away they are or whatever distractions are happening around them.

Three white and tan Jack Russell Terriers wearing Pawfit 2 trackers on their collars

Keep your dog on a lead

If your dog is easily distracted or has selective hearing and their recall isn’t very strong, you should keep them on a lead when out and about. Investing in a longline lead will give your dog the freedom to explore and play without the opportunity to run away from you and get lost.

If you’re in an unfamiliar area, it’s especially important to keep your dog on a lead in case they get tempted by too many good smells or frightened by something unexpected.

It’s also good to regularly check your dog’s leads, collars, and harness for any signs of damage that might make it easier for them to get loose.

A black Labrador Retriever  in the woods, wearing a pink harness with a Pawfit 2 GPS tracker attached to it's collar

Make sure your home and garden is escape proof

A lot of dogs that are reported lost have escaped from family homes and gardens.

If your dog often tries to bolt out the front door, it’s worth taking the time to train your dog not to run out of the door when it’s opened. Instead, you want to teach them that when the door is opened, they need to go to their bed and wait for a tasty treat.

If your dog has access to a garden, make sure it’s escape proof with a quality fence and gate that’s regularly checked for any signs of damage. If your dog is a digger, be on the look out for any holes near the fence that they could potentially escape via.

A Hungarian Vizsla standing in a shallow stream and wearing a Pawfit 2 pet tracker on it's black collar

Be vigilant

It sounds obvious but a lot of dogs will go missing simply because their owners weren’t paying enough attention. We’re all guilting of checking Instagram or stopping to talk to someone whilst out on a walk, but it only takes a few seconds for a dog to disappear from their owner’s side.

Always pay attention to your dog and the surrounding environment, especially in an unfamiliar area.  Be on the look out for any potential distractions or dangers that could tempt your dog away from your side or cause them to run away in fear. If you can’t give your dog your full attention, keep them on a lead by your side.

Bedlington Whippet on a stone beach at sunset wearing a Pawfit 2 GPS pet tracker on it's harness. There is an overlaying image of the Pawfit mobile tracking app showing the dog's location on a map.

Get a GPS tracker

Whilst it’s easier to prevent a pet going missing than it is to find them again, one thing that can help you find your lost pet faster is a GPS pet tracker.

Our Pawfit 2 is a highly accurate waterproof pet tracker which can be worn on your dog’s collar day and night and their location viewed via the free Pawfit mobile app. Using GPS technology, Pawfit 2 tracks and updates your dog’s location but when your dog is out of sight, Find mode can be enabled to update their location every 5 seconds.

Plus, you can create a virtual fence around your home and garden and should your dog escape, you’ll get notified quickly so you can start looking for them and find them faster.

Got a question about our Pawfit 2 tracker? Get in touch on social or send an email to PawfitPals@Pawfit.com

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