National Siblings Day- Pup Edition

Siblings play a huge role in the lives of many families.  Whether they are true siblings, step-siblings, or just “like” a sibling, they round our families in the best of ways.  They can be the best of friends or the worst of adversaries – especially when competing for a tasty treat, but their bond is always strong.  With April 10 being National Siblings Day, Pawfit has a few ideas in mind to celebrate the sibling pups in your world:

  1.  Adopt a pet sibling:  Been meaning to expand your pup family? Need to find a full-time playmate and companion for your current pup?  Consider adopting a pup to expand your family.  A second (or third, or fourth) pup can provide love and companionship to the humans and the other pups in your home.  This can be a win-win, especially for pups in need of a good home – and instant siblings!
  2. Get social:  You know you do it…scrolling through all the dog social media posts for a laugh or smile.  So why not join in and share your own love online?  Dress your sibling pups up in matching outfits for sibling day or share a picture or video of their adventures together.  Don’t forget to tag the Pawfit Facebook or Instagram page too! 
  3. Strengthen their bond:  Take your sibling pups on a special adventure today! Show them they are loved equally and let them share a special activity together.  A day at the beach, a walk in the woods, or a trip to the store for a pet-safe pup cup ice cream!

As pawrents, we want to treat all the pups in our family the same.  The same number of treats, cuddles, lap time, playtime, and anything else of value to our loveable four-legged family members.  Most importantly, we want them all to be equally safe.  With a pet location and activity tracker, it is easy to keep track of your pup and all their siblings at once.  Some trackers, like Pawfit, can even monitor up to 20 pets at once (for the overachieving pet family!) making it easy for pet owners to protect their pets. Moreover, with account sharing, you can invite up to 10 other friends and families to look after your pets – now that is keeping it all in the family!  Now take a moment and soak up the sibling love today with your pups!

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