How to Win a Pet Howl-o-ween Competition

We’re holding our very own Howl-lo-ween competition and are excited to see your dogs dressed up as cats, your cats dressed as witches and your witches…wait… that’s not right. Anyway, hot-dogs, dragons, fairies, whatever your pet wants to dress up as- we’re looking forward to seeing the photos.

BUT… consider this; you’re covered in fur and you have four legs – wearing a costume can be quite uncomfortable and a little scary for some pets. So we’ve got some top tips on how to keep your pet happy AND win a pet Halloween costume competition!

So the most important tip that we at Pawfit could give you is that you must make sure your pet is comfortable. It seems like that’s a given, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who put a good costume in front of the comfort of their pets. If your dog is happy to wear the costume, make sure they are familiar with walking in it – even dress them up and let them wander around the house for a couple of days before Halloween (especially if they’re going to be in the costume for a long period of time).

As pet owners, you can see when a dog or a cat is unhappy, uncomfortable or just generally displeased by a situation. Don’t be the cause of their displeasure.

1. Pet or Hooman?

Why save concept costumes for hoomans? Make your pet the talking point of the party! A concept costume is the type of costume that makes people think. Take a pun, and maximise it.

On Google if you type in “dog pun costume” there are thousands of fantastic and hilarious costumes, some of our favourites include: ‘Puggle Wrap’ (a Pug dressed in bubble wrap), a sausage dog in a hot dog (classic!), a Frenchie in a Mcdonalds Fries box (Frenchie Fries!!)… the possibilities are endless!

2. Counting Sheep!

Confusing title, but don’t despair! ‘Counting Sheep’ is another “free” idea! Why not work together with your other fur friends and go as a group! Dress your puppy pals, or feline friends up as something that matches your costume – something like, COUNTING SHEEP!

And you don’t just have to go with our sheepish idea! Dress all your pets in superhero costumes and you have The Avengers, Get them in a burger costume and a french fries costume and they could go as fast food, dress your two pets up as a caveman and cavewoman. The possibilities are endless!

3. Nothing travels faster than news!

Check out your local newspaper and find out what’s making the news.

Political costumes can be fun and effective, so you can enter a contest as President Obama and first dog! Or you can take a celebrity and really encompass their personality and look.

4. Pop or Rock?

Following on the last top tip, why not inject a little bit of pop culture into your pet’s costume? We’ve seen everything from dogs dressed up as Micheal Jackson in thriller to cats dressed up like Lady Gaga (Google it, it’s fantastic!)

5. Save money, use your kids!

Kids grow as quickly as dogs and cats (I have a 5-month-old cockerpoo and it’s breaking my heart every morning when I look at him because he’s inches bigger!) but the good thing is, is that when your kids grow out of their Halloween costumes, you can adapt them to work for your pets! And if you don’t have kids, pop down to a second-hand shop and grab yourself a costume for half the price.

6. Add music

Why the heck not! You don’t have to post photo’s – you can post videos instead. Use music to really help your costume come to life. My puppies everyday life music is to “who let the dogs out” by Shaggy, why not take that one step further and dress your pet up as Maximus Decimus Meridius and have music from Hans Zimmer whilst they’re dramatically walking through long grass…

7. Improve a Current Costume

Take a familiar costume and improve it: Clown costume with a makeshift boa; witch costume and when you walk by the judges, spooky cackling sounds emit from a tape recorder in your pocket.

Bonus tip:

Let the costume speak for itself: If we can’t tell what it is then it isn’t a good costume.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and enter your pets BEST (or worst) Halloween costume to win some fantastic prizes!

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