Pawfit press day – behind the scenes

Last week, Rebecca and Marie headed to London for a morning of press interviews to discuss the horrific rise in dognapping over the last 18 months.

Since the start of the pandemic, the demand for puppies has skyrocketed which has led to a dramatic rise in prices. Unfortunately, this has also led to a rise in dog thefts as breeders struggle to keep up with demands and thieves take advantage of the supply shortage, stealing puppies from breeders and peoples’ homes to sell on or even hold for ransom.

Marie and Rebecca shared expert advice on what owners can do to try and keep their pets safe, as well as discuss how attaching a Pawfit GPS tracker to their pets’ collar can provide the ultimate peace of mind.

Having never done press interviews before, it’s safe to say they were both a little nervous, especially when the final call sheet for the morning came through and Pawfit were going to be interviewed live on GB News’ Great British Breakfast show!

As well as the TV interview, Rebecca and Marie also chatted to radio presenters across the UK, with some interviews going out live on the airwaves and others pre-recorded to be aired at later dates.

Despite their initial nerves, they both did a great job!

Check out our mini blog for some behind the scenes action and check out the full GB News Interview!

Watch our interview on GB news

Did you catch Pawfit on GB News or hear one of our interviews on your local radio station? Let us know!

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