Spring safety for pets

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer – spring is finally here!

Whilst it’s a wonderful time of year, Easter and springtime can have hidden dangers that all pet owners should be aware of. We’re sharing everything you need to know about to keep your pet safe this spring…

Spring flowers that are toxic for pets

Whilst beautiful to look at, a number of spring flowers are highly toxic to our pets, including Tulips, Lilies and Daffodils. Always make sure your pet never tries to eat any part of these plants, including the bulbs, and stop them from trying to drink water from a vase that has contained these flowers. If ingested, these plants can give your pet an upset stomach, kidney failure or worse so if you suspect your pet has eaten a toxic plant, speak to your pet immediately for their advice.

Poisonous Easter treats and decorations

For us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Easter is chocolate, closely followed by Hot Cross Buns. Whilst delicious for us humans, both chocolate and raisin filled hot cross buns are highly toxic to dogs and cats so it’s important to keep these tasty treats well away from greedy mouths. If you suspect your pet may have eaten either, it’s important to speak to a vet immediately for their advice.

Many of us also like to decorate our homes for the Easter season but it’s important to keep an eye on your pet to make sure they don’t confuse these fun and colourful home additions for tasty treats and chew toys.  

Stay safe on spring walks with your dog

Spring is breeding season for farm animals, especially sheep and cows. You might find that your favourite walking field is now filled with lambs and calves in fields. An inquisitive dog can be highly stressful to farm animals who will defend themselves and their offspring if they feel threatened. It’s also important to keep in mind that farmers have a right to shoot any dog that they see as a threat to their sheep on their fields.

Avoid fields with animals in them and if you must walk through, keep your dog on a lead, making sure you have a firm grip to avoid them getting loose and running wild.

Seasonal allergies

Hay fever season is back and it’s not just us humans who suffer, our pets do too! If you notice your pet itching and scratching more than usual, it could mean they are suffering from the higher pollen count.

For more advice on the signs to look out for the and how you can help relive your pet’s suffering, check out our hay fever advice post.

Cleaning products

With the return of sunny skies, many of us are throwing open our windows and starting our Spring-cleaning rituals but are your cleaning products pet friendly?

Whilst the smell of fresh bleach after an intense cleaning session is very satisfying, many disinfectant cleaning products are highly toxic to our pets and can make them seriously ill if ingested. Check the labels of your cleaning products to see if they contain toxic ingredients and always try to buy pet friendly versions where possible.

Warm weather safety advice for pets

With the warmer weather returning, it’s important to make sure our pets stay safe on sunny days. At home, make sur they have plenty of fresh water available throughout the day and cool, shaded spots for them to rest in. When outdoors, make sure you only take them for a walk during the cooler parts of the day and bring plenty of water with you too.

For more advice on keeping your pet cool in warm weather, check out this blog post.

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