The importance of routine for pets

Humans establish routines in their lives for all sorts of reasons.  There are weekly routines, morning routines, family routines, cleaning routines, exercise routines, and countless others, all of which benefit us in so many ways. With our beloved pups being part of our families and lives, routines are just as important to them as well and are an important thing to be consider adding to their daily life.

A well-established routine can help keep families and their pups on track for better physical and mental health and to let them know that we care.  

Here are just a few of the many positive impacts that can come from establishing a routine for pets…

  • Support physical health: A steady routine of walks, runs, playtimes or hikes in a pup’s life can help develop healthy habits. Committing to exercise and activity regularly will keep your pet moving.  As an added benefit, routines can also help create healthy habits for pet owners too!
  • Encourage good mental health:   The comfort of knowing they are getting a daily walk can provide great stability and security to your pup.  Familiar routines, i.e. doing the same things at the same time every day, can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.   Perfect for anxious dogs!
  • Keep the tails wagging: Most pups know exactly when it is mealtime!  Giving them something else to look forward to such as a specific walking time or a playtime after potty breaks can add another positive moment to their day.  Furthermore, the social connections your pups make on their walks or just bonding with you during this time is certainly tail wag worthy!

Creating a training routine for your puppy

Additionally, a good routine can assist new pup parents with training.  Routines become a critical part of crate and potting training and can also help teach an old dog some new tricks with a little creativity.  What’s more, all of these activities are trackable with certain GPS pet location and activity trackers.  Pup parents will always know where their pet is while also setting activity goals and tracking them right from their fingertips.  This makes it easy to be sure you are getting the right amount of exercise for your pet and also encourages sticking to the plan.

A good routine can help give your pet the exercise they need, can keep them healthier and happier, and remind them that they are a loved and important part of your family’s lives. So, find your groove with your pet and get on track with a routine everyone can look forward to!

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