Everything that makes a dog mom so special

A dog mom is a special kind of person.  They’re dedicated, caring, protective, loving and so much more.  They treat their pets like their children because after all, they ARE their fur babies. 

But what is it that makes a dog mom so special? Here are just a few of the common characteristics that can be found in most dog moms out there.

Not a dog mom yourself? We’re sure you’ll be able to spot a few of these characteristics in your dog mom friends!

Dog Moms have a penchant for silly talk.   

We’ve all heard it.  Sometimes it’s high pitched, sometimes it’s low pitched.  Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow.  Sometimes it comes with silly gestures to accompany the voices.  Dog moms just love to talk to their pets in their unique way whether they answer back or not.

Dog Moms have a talent for nicknames.  

Some dog moms come up with a new nickname for their pups on the hour.  Even with a strong dog name like Bailey, Tucker, Daisy, Rocky, or Bella, if their pup is doing something cute they suddenly become “cuddle bottom” or “shnookypoo.”  Giving treats or feeding time beckons other nicknames as well such as “snacky-pants” or “captain yum yum”.  Yet, most dog moms don’t need a reason or an occasion for their never-ending supply of affectionate nicknames, they just come naturally.   Just ask “love muffin” or “poochie pup.”

Dog Moms love to spoil their fur babies

No, really, dog moms will do ANYTHING for their pups.  Whether it be a dog bed in every room, a primo riding spot in the family car, or Halloween costumes better than the human children, dog moms are the best spoilers around.  They spend their day in the kitchen making homemade food and treats, and still find time for belly rubs and paw massages.  They monitor their pet’s health closely, and get their walks in with their pups no matter what Mother Nature throws at them – now that’s dedication!

While all of this may seem quite amusing, it actually comes from a place of love.  Pets bring us so much joy and a dog mom takes her job seriously to share that happiness right back with their pups.  We’d love to hear about your favorite dog mom trait.  Head on over to the Pawfit Facebook or Instagram pages to share a photo, video, or story about your favorite dog mom at her best this Mother’s Day.  

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