New Ideas to Get You Moving with Your Dog

Staying motivated to exercise with your pup is not always easy.  Some days you may not have the energy or desire to walk your regular route with your best friend no matter how much they stare at you with those puppy dog eyes.  Luckily, with the Pawfit Walk Challenge underway now for the month of May, we’ve got some ideas to inspire you as your step, fetch, or swim your way to pup exercise activity goals.

Introduce a Change of Scenery!

Is your pup sick of abusing the same fire hydrant every day? Have they walked your daily path so often that they could do it with their eyes closed?  Then it’s time to switch things up a bit! Ask around with other pet owner friends where they go with their pups. Explore a new path or walk route and have some new adventures.  Alternatively, hop in the car and drive to a different location.  A pup field trip can be as close as 5 min away to find a change of scenery. 

Get some walk buddies!

While one-on-one time with your pup is precious, getting out with a walking buddy can benefit everyone.  Pups will have plenty of time catching up on all the pawsome gossip from the neighborhood, while they get their daily steps in.  Having a walking buddy is great for socialization and will pass the time for both pups and humans while making outdoor time more fun. 

Don’t let mother nature keep you from reaching your goals! 

Outdoor activity may be preferred for you and your pup, but there are plenty of ways to keep entertained and active inside as well!  A good game of fetch down a hall or in a larger room is great to get the legs moving and the heart pumping in anticipation of the next throw!  Additionally, bath time can be an aerobic exercise for pups that don’t like to sit still in the water, but be prepared to get a little wet!

As you walk or play to meet your goals, don’t forget to keep both you and your pup as safe as possible along the way.  Inclimate weather can make certain terrains treacherous with mud or deceptive puddles, so on wetter days, choose a safer path.  Also, be sure to manage activity levels so they are best suited for your pup.  A pet location and activity tracker can help you keep track of where you have been while also setting goals for where you want to go in the future to achieve your goals (all while keeping the exact location of your pup at your fingertips for worry-free walks!)

A golden labrador standing in a doorway with a blue lead it its mouth

Finally, as with any activity, make sure you stay hydrated while you get your steps in.  Bring a portable water bottle to hydrate your pup on the go like this one here. Pets can quickly become dehydrated even if it isn’t warm outside, so don’t forget to keep them well-watered before, during or after walks. This will also help you reduce the risk of them developing heatstroke.

For additional information on the Pawfit Walk Challenge, head on over to our Facebook page to read more about our rules and great prizes for the month of May. 

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