Summer Vacation Travel with Pets

Schools are out and while Mother Nature is taking her time showing it in some parts of the country, summer is upon us!  Pups everywhere are rejoicing at the thought of spending extra time with their pet families, but no matter where you may go for a vacation this summer, don’t forget to pack and plan accordingly for your pup in the process.

For a safe and successful vacation, make sure you have covered all the essentials well in advance of your trip.  Is your place of stay dog friendly?  If traveling by air, are you able to meet all requirements listed by the airline and airports?  Have you considered all your pets’ needs and packed everything?  These are just a few questions you may need to ask yourself before traveling with your pet, and Pawfit has some additional tips to consider below.

A chocolate brown Labrador sitting facing the camera with his tongue sticking out. Behind him you can see a large lake surrounded by a forest

Before You Go

If you have a long drive to your vacation destination, make sure your pup is used to riding in the car for long periods.  Taking a few test rides in advance could help you discover any potential issues your pet may have with car travel before it’s too late to make other arrangements.   Start making a packing list for your pet well in advance of your trip so you don’t forget anything:  medications, food, special toys, leashes, harnesses, and waste disposal bags are only the start of a long list of items to keep your pet safe and comfortable. 

On The Road

Whether a car is moving or stationary, there are lots of things to think about when traveling with your pup.  For one, dogs need rest areas just as much as humans, so don’t forget to check on your furry friends frequently throughout your trip. It is also just as important that they buckle up as well as humans do with a seat belt harness or a secured pet carrier.  Most importantly, it is never safe to leave your dog unattended in a vehicle for any period of time.  Of course, most importantly for pups, don’t forget to pack extra treats.  Trip snacks are important to them too! 

At Your Destination

Whether the camper, the hotel, the tent, or a cabin, your pup will be in surroundings unfamiliar to them, so making them feel at home is important to their mental health and comfort.   Bring items they are accustomed to, such as a travel bed, a blanket that smells like home, or some of their favorite toys.  Different places and environments can also be confusing to some pups, especially those used to routines.  They may be wondering where their water bowl is, so be sure to offer plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated. 

A golden Retriever is sitting facing the camera. He is wearing a harness and a Pawfit dog tracker on his collar. Behind him, you can see the sea and waves crashing on a beach

Whether a stay-cation at home, traveling with your pet to a different destination, or leaving them in the care of others, knowing where they are at all times is always a priority. Keeping a GPS pet location and activity tracker on your dog can help you keep your pet safer, find your dog fast if they become lost, or provide the comfort of knowing where they are at all times when they are not with you.   With a little thought and planning, summer vacation travel with pets can be fun, relaxing, and safe for all.

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