Celebrating National K9 Veterans Day

Heroes are all around us. They come in all shapes and sizes -and some of them even have fur. Each year, there are multiple holidays around the globe to recognize the past and present military service of humans. But today on National K9 Veterans Day, we take the time to celebrate the furry ones. This special holiday was brought forth to recognize the contributions of military and service dogs that have dedicated their lives to some aspect of service whether on the battlefield, rescue missions, assisting law enforcement, or being a reliable service companion to someone in need.

Here are a few ideas of how you can celebrate these deserving pups today:

· Get Ceremonial – If there is a service in your town or area, consider attending with your own dog to show support. No services near you? Think about spearheading an effort in your community to honor these special pooches every year.

· Make a Grand Gesture – Recognize the K9 service pets in your area by doing something special. Bake special dog treats for the local K9 officers on duty and drop them off with a note of thanks for them and their fellow servicemen and women.

· Support the Cause – Consider making a donation to a local nonprofit that supports service animals

· Spread the Word – K9 Vets touch our lives in countless ways every day that we may not even realize. Take some time to spread the word on social media about this special day for others who may not be aware so they can get involved as well.

As pet owners, a different kind of service is on display in our homes with our loving pets. We wait on them hand and foot, spoil them, and treat them like royalty. In a way, we are constantly at their service but it is more than worth the unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship they provide in return. But for today, let’s raise a paw for the four-legged heroes who touch our lives in countless ways every day. If you have a K9 hero you’d like to recognize, feel free to share their photo or video on the Pawfit Facebook or Instagram page and let us know a little about them.

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