Top Safety Tips for Pups in Warmer Weather

Summer is just a few weeks away and the higher temperatures are already sneaking up on us.  With National Heat Awareness Day on May 31, it’s time to think about preparing for the hottest months of the year.  Pet owners are bound to spend a lot more time outside with their pets as they enjoy everything the season has to offer from Bark-B-Qs, to camping, or hiking and swimming. There will be a lot more fun to be had for everyone if you can keep out of harm’s way in the process.  Check out the following tips on how to keep cool this summer with your four-legged friends:

Keep Them Cool: If your dog loves to get wet, water play is a fun way to cool them down! If you don’t have a pool, take a walk or air-conditioned drive to a local pond, creek, or other easily accessible water source where your dog can play and cool down at the same time.  For dogs less interested in water activities, pup cooling pads are widely available and can keep our less eager swimmers cool and comfortable.

Be Temperature-Aware:  Keeping an eye on the upcoming forecast and recognizing how quickly the temperature can rise is important for pet safety. Some pet location and activity trackers like the Pawfit 3 series, come equipped with extreme (hot or cold) temperature alerts to let you know immediately when your pet may be in harm’s way.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Just like us humans, our pups need to stay hydrated every day, but even more so on hotter and more humid days.  Make sure they are getting plenty of clean water to drink. Travel water bottles for pets like this one can come in handy while on the go as well.

Time Outs:  In this scenario, it is the “good kind” of time out for your pup– rest breaks! Our four-legged friends do not know how to practice restraint when it comes to having fun and playing, but sometimes they do need a little time-out to rest and hydrate.  Get them to settle and take a break for a cuddle, a quiet chew toy, or another calm distraction.

Summer is a fun time for pets and their families to get outside and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer, but keeping safety a priority is key. While these tips were considered with pups in mind, many of them apply to humans too!  Now that you are prepared – it’s time to get ready for rolling, wagging, splashing, walking, or running into the summer!

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