Pawfit launches NEW pet location and activity tracker

Pawfit, a division of Latsen Technology is proud to announce their top-selling pet location and activity tracker is now available to pet owners in the United States.  The 100% waterproof Pawfit 3 tracker utilizes LTE (4G) technology to deliver the best possible coverage, making it the most reliable and cost-effective solution for pet-tracking available today.  Designed with smart GPS technology and packed with advanced features to help keep pets safer and healthier, pet owners and their families can care for their pets with confidence with this high-quality, durable, and comfortable tracker that sports a battery life of up to six days with regular use.

“Pet safety is a real concern. I know firsthand what it feels like to lose a beloved pet.  It was that moment in my life that inspired me to use my technology education and expertise to develop a product that would help prevent this from happening to other pet owners.” Said Fan Wu, CEO, Latsen Technology. 

Key benefits:

  • Keeps pets safer:  Protects pets wherever they are with live tracking updates every five seconds, and light and sound notifications that are precise right down to a few meters, which is especially critical in the dark. Pet owners can customize up to ten virtual fencing zones to receive notifications if a pet leaves the area while the unique Pawfit Voice feature allows owners to recall their pets back to safety with voice commands. Additionally, the tracker has a smart removal alert if removed from a pet’s collar, provides harsh temperature alerts in inclement weather, and has an audio ID tag that can help strangers return pets to their owners. 
  • Monitor Pet’s Health:  The user-friendly Pawfit app provides multiple ways to keep pets healthier by setting customized fitness goals, monitoring, and adjusting.  Users can easily record and monitor the history of their pets’ physical activity including steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, rest times, bio breaks, and more. Pets and their families can stay motivated with health and safety tools at their fingertips to achieve better health and wellness for pets and their families.
  • Enhance lives of pets and families:  In addition to keeping pets safe and healthy, the Pawfit 3 provides a great opportunity to engage and connect with pets and their families.  With account family sharing in the Pawfit app, users can invite up to ten family members to look after their pets.  This is ideal for monitoring a pet’s health from afar such as doggy daycare or dog walking services putting pet parents’ minds at ease.  Pet owners and their families can stay motivated with a greater focus and attention on their pet’s activity and ongoing reminders to exercise.

With the addition of Pawfit 3 to the Pawfit family of products, pet owners now have pet care options to choose from based on their specific needs -whether a broader network coverage and lower cost with the Pawfit 3, or the extended battery life and WiFi connectivity with the Pawfit 3s model.  With a Pawfit pet location and activity tracker, pet owners can take control of their pet’s health with proactive and reactive safety measures and health tools at their fingertips.  While keeping pets out of harm’s way, the Pawfit app helps develop healthier habits for pets and their entire families.  The new tracker is available now at, and  

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