Dog Dad Video Tributes for Father’s Day

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but that goes both ways…dog dads are a pup’s best friend too!  He praises you for all the things you do right, he always lets you co-pilot on rides and he slips you extra treats when mom is not looking!  Now it is time to return the favor! In honor of your favorite Pawrent (your dog dad), Pawfit is offering a free tracker case and harness to the best video posted in the Pawfit Pal community this Father’s Day weekend (ends midnight on Father’s Day June 16th).  The video with the most comments and likes will be the winner!  Here are some special tips for pups on how to get their video tributes underway:

Style:  Make sure you are video-ready for your premiere; no bad hair days will do.  So, get yourself groomed, styled, and poised with your best behavior. Wear your favorite collar or harness for the special occasion and don’t forget to get your nails done.

Setting:  So many choices!  Pups and their dads have so many favorite spots to choose from such as the park, hiking trails, the beach, or the sofa where you often cuddle together. Avoid “scenes from the crimes” you may have committed such as the kitchen where you may have stolen food or indulged in a trash can with an ill-fitted lid, or the entranceway where you may have tracked in mud or taken shoes that were not yours.  A positive backdrop can help set the proper tone.

Content: Channel your inner drama king and put on a show your dog dad will never forget! Consider demonstrating the best trick that your human dad taught you, shaking your sillies out for the camera, or hamming it up with some of your best antics or cat jokes to make him smile. You can even have your dog mom write some of your deepest thoughts on cue cards to share with your pawsome dog dad.

Life without our dog dads would be ruff, so show him you care this Father’s Day with an unfurrgetable tribute.  We promise if you “speak”, he will listen with love. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or share your video on the Pawfit Instagram page.

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