To all our Pawfit Pals

With the world in chaos over the Covid-19 virus, and many people now in self-isolation, there isn’t just the worry about yours and your family’s health, but we’re sure it extends to your fur family too.

Firstly, we wanted you to know we’re here and ready to help! As always you can contact us either on email at or you can send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Secondly, we just wanted to share some tips on how you can make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise whilst you’re participating in social distancing. Public Health England has general guidance on what this means and how to self-isolate on their website. However, self-isolation can pose problems that are unique to pet owners.

If you’re braving it outside:

  • Make sure that you’re not coming in close contact with other dog owners. This seems impossible when we know that dogs are the most social animals out there, so we suggest going at times you know aren’t going to be busy and/or areas with plenty of space.
  • Taking hand sanitiser with you and regularly using it when touching car door handles, leads balls etc.
  • If your dog isn’t the strongest with recall, keep them on the lead so you can quickly guide them away from groups of people/dogs etc.

If you have to stay indoors, keeping them stimulated with puzzle toys and plenty of play should help ensure that even dogs that aren’t able to get their usual long walks shouldn’t be climbing the walls.

Here are two games that you could play:

  • Box Puzzle: If you have been getting a lot of deliveries, you probably have boxes. With your dog in another part of the property, arrange empty boxes on the floor and hide treats in some of the boxes. Show your dog the boxes and let your pup use its nose to find the hidden treats. Rearrange the boxes with more treats.
  • Cupcake Puzzle: Take an empty cupcake baking tray and 12 (or as many as you have) tennis balls. Place treats or pieces of your dog’s kibble into some but not all of the baking tray’s cups, and cover all of the cups with the tennis balls. Show your dog the tray and see how long it takes for your dog to move the right balls to find the hidden food. Each time you play, change where you place the treats in the baking tray.

Thankfully it’s been debunked that your pets can catch this horrid virus, so feel free to give them as many cuddles and kisses as you like

  • And lastly, please be aware that the Royal Mail are experiencing delays due to the virus and so there may be a delay in receiving your Pawfit device once ordered. They have some tips on how to stay safe when receiving your parcel here.

If you have any other suggestions or tips and tricks on how to keep your pet healthy and active during these testing times, please get in touch so we can share.

Stay happy, healthy and safe (and remember to give your pets some extra cuddles!)

The Pawfit Team

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