Pawfit Walk

The Pawfit team have been hard at work over the last year, designing, creating and executing something that will make your dog walks, that extra special. With a little help from some of our customers, and collating feedback that we’ve had and taking it on board, we’ve created the new way to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe.


Designed to bring you a greater understanding of why your dog, does what it does, when it does, the Pawfit Walk has been designed with our customers and their furry pals in mind.

Features include

  • Start and stop a walk at specific times!
  • Mark where and when your dog does their doggy “business”, where they stop to drink and eat!
  • Associate tracked walks with the activity data!
  • Even take photos and videos during a walk and upload it to the app! 

By monitoring and reporting on all things your dog does, you can notice habits and patterns that your pet might pick up and is a great way to highlight if something they’re doing is out of the ordinary. This kind of data is really useful to have at hand show your vet. For example, if your dog usually does his business every day on the same tree, but you notice he hasn’t for the last couple of walks, you can look back at his day and work out if you did something differently, or if your dog is poorly and needs medical assistance.

The Pawfit Walk is particularly useful if you’re a dog walker or use a dog walker. By putting your Pawfit Tracker on your client’s dog, you can provide the best and safest dog walking service to your customers. Your client can ‘watch’ the walk live, and you can supply them with a detailed report at the end of their walk. It also gives you the ability to manage your customer contacts, so everything you need is in one, easily accessible place.

Pawfit Walk will be an update on your app and will be available for Apple and Android users from the 1st July.

To celebrate this exciting release, we’re calling July

‘Pawfit Pet Month’!

With lots of exciting activities throughout the month coming up, keep your eyes peeled on social media. To get the festivities going, we’re offering all customers who buy a Pawfit 2, 15% off! Please use this gift code 7617A0 at checkout on the Pawfit website.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on our new feature and look forward to any feedback that you might have that allows us to continue ensuring that your pet is happy, healthy and safe.

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